The Adventure Crew, a tightknit group of seasonal workers, is a family of doers. The most recent venture of The Adventure Crew started off as most good things do – a conversation over a couple beers. That conversation sought to harness the unused potential of a beloved local mountain that serves as the crew’s second home: Lost Trail Ski Area on the Montana/Idaho border located on highway 93.
Word around the area claims it was Lewis who said to Clark, “Clark! This’d be a helluva place to throw a fine musical festival.” 1 Sitting on the state line that divides Montana and Idaho, straddling the Continental Divide, look in any direction and witness the jagged peaks and the endless pine forests that characterize the natural beauty of the American West. One cannot help but feel the residual energy from this harrowing portion of Lewis and Clark’s expedition, just before they and what starved horses remained reached the hospitality of the Nez Perce. Lost Trail Ski Area, rich in natural and cultural history, provides the perfect venue for a summer gathering of music, art, food, camping, and camaraderie. The vision of The Crew is to create an authentic mountain pass rendezvous, inspiring and being inspired by our community through jamming music, cold beer, and tasty food.



1Jim “Porcupine” Johnson, Lantern Bar Patron, Salmon, ID, November 30th, 2016