Fun Run


Ever find yourself getting so caught up in making sure you’ve got the right gear or keeping up with what’s cool that you forget why you’re doing something in the first place? Yeah… Me too.

Let’s get back to the root of things at the Adventure Crew Music Festival Fun Run.

Imagine a beautiful summer day with some of your best friends, sippin’ on some icy cold brews, and embarking on a run (or jog or skip or hop or roll) through the woods and among your favorite ski runs at Lost Trail Ski Area. This run has no winners, no losers. It only provides that little push you need to realize why we enjoy getting out in our beautiful landscape.

Here’s how you participate:

Step 1:     Don’t be scared of the word RUN, it’s only your interpretation. (It’s a FUN RUN)

Step 2:     Register for the Fun Run by purchasing the “Fun Run Ticket” ($10) and tell your friends to get registered too! (really you’re just buying a sweet mug to remember that you did this, and a beer ticket for local beer to forget why you care)

Step 3:    Get to the Festival, July 7 and 8!

Step 4:   Meet at the base of the mountain on Saturday, July 8 @ 10:30 a.m. M.S.T., and get funky with it…always wanted to show up to a festival dressed like Jeremiah Johnson? Now’s your chance… or just wear your most comfortable pair of jorts. COSTUMES ENCOURAGED!

Step 5:    We take off into the abyss…just kidding, but really we’re gonna start heading into the woods to look for Bigfoot and any ice cold beer or refreshments that might be tucked away behind that next big lodgepole pine. The trail is specially designed by none other than Lost Trail local and enthusiast, Andy Miller. Prepare to discover the mountains in a way you’ve never discovered them before. Follow a mild trail through timber and mountain traverse with hidden beer stops along the way, Yes you heard it, BEER STOPS! Finish this trek off with an exhilarating slip ‘n slide, ending near the BEER GARDEN!

Step 6:     Mozy on over to the Beer Garden to enjoy some of the Bitterroot’s finest local ale’s and explore other fine Musicians, Artists and Craftsmen that have all helped the Adventure Crew Music Festival Come to Fruition!


*Fun Run registration includes Adventure Crew Music Festival 2017 Mug and beer provided along the run (while supplies last!)


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